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    CAS Number: 122-88-3

    p-Chlorophenoxyacetic Acid

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    p-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid (4-CPA) is a synthetic plant growth regulator used to mimic the physiological effects of auxin, thus influencing root and fruit growth. It can also be used as a herbicide at high dosage.  p-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid is soluble in ethanol and KOH and most organic solvents.  It is very slightly soluble in water, and degradation in aqueous medium has been reported

    SolubilitySoluble in ethanol and KOH and most organic solvents. Very slightly soluble in water.

    Sidahmed OA and Kliewer WM (1980). Effects of defoliation, gibberellic acid and 4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid on growth and composition of Thompson seedless grape berries. Am. J. Enol. and Viticult. 31(2):149-153

    Moran O, Traverso S, Elia L and Pusch M (2003)  Molecular modeling of p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid binding to the CLC-0 channel. Biochem. 42(18):5176-5185