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    CAS Number: 22204-24-6

    Pyrantel Pamoate

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    Pyrantel Pamoate is an anthelmintic (anti-protozoal) that was first described in 1965 by Pfizer. It is effective against intestinal nematodes (roundworm, threadworm, and hookworm, nodular worm, pinworm). The compound is soluble in DMSO.

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    Application Pyrantel Pamoate is an anthelmintic (anti-protozoal).
    Mechanism of Action Pyrantel Pamoate is an thelmintic inhibitor of BChE, and an activator of CHRNB4. It acts as a neuromuscular blocking agent, causing contraction then paralysis.
    Spectrum parasites
    Electrophoresis Applications The synergistic effect of Pyrantel Pamoate and Metronidazole on was evaluated in the pathogenic protozoan Giardia lamblia. The in vitro effect was evaluated on its adherence to IEC-6 cells. When presented in combination, the percent adhesion was remarkable reduced, while providing low cytotoxicity to host cells (Hausen et al, 2011).
    Molecular Formula C11H14N2S•C23H16O6   
    Solubility soluble in DMSO

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    Reinemeyer CR, Prado JC, Nichols EC, Marchiondo AA.(2010) Efficacy of pyrantel pamoate against a macrocyclic lactone-resistant isolate of Parascaris equorum in horses.Vet Parasitol. 171(1-2):111-115. PMID 20307936