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    CAS Number: 530-57-4

    Syringic Acid

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    Syringic Acid, the 3,5-dimethyl ether derivative of gallic acid, is a phenolic compound found in fruits and vegetables which is synthesized via the shikimic acid pathway in plants. Syringic Acid has a broad bioprofile, having antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiendotoxic, neuro- and hepatoprotective activities.  It is an effective free radical scavenger and alleviates the oxidative stress markers. Syringic acid application in plants increases lignin deposition in interfascicular fibers and attenuates cesium-induced growth defects in Arabidopsis.

    Molecular Formula  C9H10O5

    Adams E et al (2020)  Syringic Acid alleviates cesium-induced growth defect in Arabidopsis. Int. Mol. Sci. 21:9116

    Cheemanapalli S. et al (2018)  Syringic Acid – A review of its occurrence, biosynthesis, pharmacological and industrial importance.  Biomed. Pharmacother. 108:547